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  • Ákos Moravánszky on the regionalism as a manner of perception or development strategy
  • Juhani Pallasmaa on the role of tradition in architectural practise
  • Jana Tichá on regional specifics of Czech postmodernism
  • Kamila Twardowska on modernist regional interpretation of Juliusz Żórawski’s theory in the design of church in the Tatra mountains
  • Daniela Majzlanova and Martin Varga on regional traces in Slovakian modernism
  • Maciej Miłobędzki on the specifics of architectural school in Kraków and Warsaw with reference to postmodern vernacular in urban-planning
  • Jarosław Szewczyk on all sorts of regionalism (as a chameleon)
  • Tullia Iori, Sergio Poretti on regional features and conditions of fascist architecture in Italy
  • Kenneth Frampton – a classical text on critical regionalism as a vital architectural strategy